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Michael Riendeau

Hello, I hope that you will appreciate the small scenario which will follow. I will allow myself to invite you to make a small turn around my housing. I am in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in the district of Old Rosemont. I allow itself to specify because there is more than twenty Montreal just like of Michael Riendeau in the whole world. What I propose to you to visit virtually will be used mainly for better knowing me in the future and who it is for a personal reason or a professional reason, you will have better an idea of the place I live. I believe as several that an image is worth thousand words.

You visit me in a virtual way.

I will place a first link and it will have four photographs. The first photo is taken while coming out by in front of the house while looking towards the south, the second photographs is the front of the house and my car is in front of the open gate of my housing, the third photograph is the house seen on the side and the fourth photograph is a sight of the back court by a neighbor view.

I will place a second link and it will have four photographs. The first photograph is a dwarf macintosh apple tree that I have planted during the summer of 1999, the second photograph, it is the two apple trees that I have given to my neighbor during the summer of 2000. The bigger is a cortland apple tree and the smaller is a macintosh apple tree. The third photograph is the garden of tomatoes plant that I have planted this summer of 2001 on the land of my neighbor. The fourth photograph is the agricultural line of flowers I have planned and organized during the summer of 1999, leave to a neigbor for sowing cosmos flowers during the summer 2000 and maintained during the summer 2001 with an addition of marigold flowers sowed over. The side was sowed of standard grass. It is the gardening which I made on the close ground.

I will place a third link and it will have two photographs. The first photograph is the place where I obtained the marigold flowers seeds during the fall of 1999, which I sowed druing the spring of 2001. The second photograph is another place just like me which obtained the flowers seeds from the fall 1998 at this place and which sowed druing the spring of 1999. Here is their results of 1999 and they obtained almost the same results during the summer of 2000.

I will place a fourth link and it will have three photographs of my own flowers which I sowed during the summer of 2000 and the spring of 2001. I buyed and planted two roses bush from a nursery. One rose bush died the first winter 2001 and the second survived but don't produced flowers during the summer 2001. The third photograph show the survivor rose bush blooming at the summer of 2002. I obtained the seeds of the four o'clock flowers from another neighbor who is not shown on this study. The four o'clock flowers grow very fast and produced five times the seeds needed. The seeds can be keep apart a maximum of two years after the crop. The crop of the roots as been made at the fall of 2001 and leaved to the dustbins. The seeds from the summer 2001 as been sowed at the spring 2002 at the same place and grow normally. There's some seeds left over.

I will place a fifth link and it will have two photographs. The first photograph is the backyard of my neighbor where I cut a big branch from a elm who warmed to my phone line during the summer of 2000 and the tree was finally cut by the owner during the fall 2000. I gave a cherry tree during the spring 2001 and I planted the tree at the other corner of the backyard with the help of another neighbor but unfortunately the cherry tree was stolen because disappeared about three weeks after and I forgot the story to entertain the place. I cleaned against the weed right after the picture was took at the fall of 2001. The second photograph shows an installation of box to be gardened that I installed under ground along the fence of the neighbor during the summer of 1999. I sowed grass on this land and marigold flowers along the fence during the spring of 2001. Because of the situation, it resulted of a poor grass and a poor flower line mixed with cosmos and marigold but entertained by me. This view is from the interior of my housing.

I will place a sixth link and it will have three photographs. These three photographs are the wild flowers which I sowed in spring of the year 1999. I tore off as a preliminary bad grass and I had added some black ground pockets. It came out of there of the flowers with blue bays, climbing flowers with white bays, daisies and some others giving a slightly maintained wild concept but no more. Finally I decided to not make more than cleaning this line against the dustbins during the year 2000 and 2001 and the look is similar.

I will place a seventh link and it will have two photographs. The first photo is a view of the house from the south. The second photo is a view of the house from the north east by east. The two photographs are from the beginning of the fall 2001.

I will place a eighth link and it will have three photographs. The first two photographs are examples of seeds which I have an handcraft production and which I export by the international airmail at places which I wish anywhere in the whole world. The third photographs is approximately the eight of tomato harvests which was done in the garden that I made during the year of 1999. The three photographs are taken on my front balcony. I pursued my traditional same concept during the year 2000 and 2001 and 2002 slightly otherwise.

I will place a ninth link where it is always me this time from the front of my door in a photomontage of a christmas invitation where I invite you to pursue your visit while passing by the pages of poetry which I had found in the dustbins of the neighbor right before Christmas the year of 1998. I quickly passed by over again and I saw the occasion to publish it thereafter since it were not claimed. I said myself that the poet had approximately these ideas to interpret what they lived. Then I said myself that everyone could see well there what he wanted because there is nobody of similar. Because I learned french as my first language from my birth I offer this virtual opportunity only in french. On that quite good luck and good visit it does not matter that you follow or not the indications. I invite you to take the last link.

I will place a tenth link where you will can see the interior of my housing by the kitchen with four photograph. The first photograph is the back entry by the inside and you see a window at the right. There is a radio, a printer and a refrigerator. The second photograph is the middle of the kitchen and you see another window. There is a table with four chairs, a refrigerator, a dishwasher, a kitchen sink, the kitchen cupboard and some others apparatus. The third photograph is the interior of the kitchen. There is the main kitchen cupboard, the electrical stove and oven and some others apparatus. The fourth photograph is a photograph took at the christmas 2000 supper in my kitchen. I offered to my very near family. You see the kitchen at the right it is the back chimney, after the back door after the back window. You see me, my mother and Patricia F. at the dining table.

Exterior look around my house

First link: Virtual visit around my housing
Second link: Virtual visit of the garden on the close ground
Third link: Virtual visit of the floral garden of origin and the equivalent floral garden of the neighbors
Fourth link: Virtual visit of my own flowers growing
Fifth link: Virtual visit of the gardening line on the neighbor field
Sixth link: Virtual visit of the line of wild flowers on the neighbor field
Seventh link: Virtual visit of the house itself, where I live
Eighth link: Sight of the seeds and the fruits produced here this summer.
Ninth link: Myself on the front balcony, where I give you an invitation to visit my others link offered in french only

Interior look of my housing

Tenth link: Sight of the interior of my kitchen with four photograph

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