The water bamboo to the help of your plants

If you have a water shortage it is necessary to sprinkle with the drop with drops. You place a tutor at your plants who is a small metal tube. It finishes on a very pointed side and this side is planted in the ground. Other end, there is a small opening or one can connect a small plastic tube with a pressure of the fingers as the instruments which function with pressurized air and the small tube is connected to a water barrel placed in an elevated position. Then one maintains a water level in the barrel and in all the garden the tutors thus designed bring water to the roots of your plants by decantations to the drops to drops according to adjustments of your system. It is just a matter of being arranged so that any remainder in place and of the times it is very difficult then in the worst case it is necessary to place the water bamboo on other tutors who those are very deeply anchored in the ground and even cemented in a block of cement as a preliminary when it is really very difficult all to retain in place because of the climatic difficulties.

Heating electric wire for the plants

There is electric material being able to improve the growth of the plants. In some climates, it is essencial to add them because it misses heat but there is sufficient water. The heating electric wire are especially used for the fruit trees. One twists electric wire designed especially to emit a heat when they are connected. One finds them in hardware under marks of thaw cable troughs. The wire are twisted with the fruit trees to be connected before the beginning and after the regular agricultural end of the year and thus can allow the tree to survive one duration of agricultural year going until its fallen fruit-bearing. When the fruits fell, those which would not have become ripe without this supplement of heat, then wire of the electrical current are disconnected and one lets go the winter. At the beginning of the snow melt one replugs the tree, when the good weather returns one still disconnects not to replug that when there is a return of autumn with hasty freezing and not disconnect before fallen from the fruits. Then there is an annual cycle in fact and one remakes that at every year.

The solar lamp for your plants

Another natural contribution which can be improved by electricals appliance is lighting. The solar lamps are of a great help in the artificial growth of the plants under difficult climates. In this proposal, one is used for oneself of the walls external of the agricultural buildings to increase the lightening with the solar lamp. A solar lamp is placed outside at three meters height and every three away meters all around the agricultural buildings under certain cold climates. This makes it possible to cultivate a row of approximately a meter of width all the turn of the places thus lit of plant varieties a little more difficult to obtain. That one connects the solar lamps a little at the beginning during sowings or of the plantations of spring and during a few weeks one maintains the lightening over fourteen hours per day. Then one interromp service all along the beautiful season. To finish when one realizes that one day would have not being more lit then one replugs a few hours here and there, and one gives another blow to fourteen hours per days towards the end to try to go until the end of the growth of the fruits and when it is finished or useless because of the cold one interromp lightening with the solar lamp until the winter is finished and one does not start again to lightening before the seeds or road repairs are made. There is a one year cycle in fact and one starts again thus at every years.

A kind of lamp solar of General Electric Lighting, Nela Park, Cleveland, Ohio, the U.S.A., 44112 which its various models of lamps for plants of the year 2000 can extremely probably adapt to these proposals.

To thwart the heating of water for a better agricultural output

One can obtain a better comfort and a better agricultural production by thwarting the heating of water by the addition of a control manual compared to a thorough study of the climate than we undergo. With this intention and to succeed, it is necessary beforehand to very precisely study the temperature which we undergo. It is a little like the same principle that one will sprinkle when it is necessary and if one sprinkles and that it is not necessary then it will be harmful. It is the same basic idea for the heating of water. It should be studied well clearly. The general information of the explanation on how proceeding is in the continuation of this text.

The climates all are different on ground then one cannot give dates. One will function with temperatures samples to give the example. One will function with the temperature of the air of one and one will function with the temperature of the water of two. When the temperature of the air and water is higher than 20 celcius degrees and is lower than 23 celcius degrees, one can nothing make to change the situation. One sprinkles if it is necessary. When the temperature of the air and water is lower than 20 celcius degrees, one can heat water a little, that is to say to sprinkle with tepid water which would have been heated as a preliminary between 20 and 23 celcius degrees. One to use a mixture of cold water and the hot water of which there is gradually more and more heat if it is in an original manner very cold. When the temperature of the air and water exceeds 25 celcius degrees. One extinguishes heats it water with the central button of electricity. Then one does not use hot water to sprinkle. One nevertheless will use hot water for other utilities. When the water-heater is cold, that can take between one day and a week, then you will light the water-heater with the central button of electricity but only a few hours, that can vary between one hour and four hours and you will extinguish again and so on during all the period of temperature which will last beyond 25 celcius degrees. And thus of following the long year by studying very seriously the climate in connection with the temperature of the air and the temperature of water. And in end of line, you will have a better agricultural production, you will live a better comfort and that will not be to you more expensive of the whole.

To gather market-gardening food with two baskets instead of only one basket

The idea that here is quite simple. You have seedlings of strawberries, tomatos, peppers, cucumbers, etc. in fields open to gather the fruits. You are returned from there to the ultimate realization of your agricultural challenge. Then you know very well that there are always fruits which are not good for your regular customers. You to the fields with empty baskets will fill up them fruits which are good for the resale. Then instead of bringing only one white basket, bring a green basket and a red basket. When your fruit is allegedly good, place it in the green basket and when your fruit is allegedly not good, place it in the red basket. Place the green baskets in front of the trailer and place the red baskets at the rear of the trailer. Just as it is bring the whole to your base of sorting thereafter. Throughout your harvest, collect all the fruits which they are good or which they are not good and do not let trail any fruits on the fields which they are not good or which they are good. Only let trail your harvests in the sense that if you provide to turn over later to finish a harvest because of the fact that the ripening of the fruits is also not done all at the same date on the seedlings.

When you arrive at the sorting office then you will sort your green baskets and you will sort your red baskets. The green baskets will go towards the usual deliveries which you face to make with your good harvests. The red baskets will go towards the deliveries which will not be your rise running or will store them to you in very an other way in preparation for your future projects. Then in this way you completely will control your harvest and you will not have disorder in your business. If you keep bad fruits to extract the seeds from them, then you will thus voluntarily will act with your red baskets. If you on the other hand wish to dispatch these red baskets with the dump, then you will lay out about it thus nevertheless properly without nothing margins of error. If you wish to resell at unpleasant price with a purchaser on a boat machines for example, well will make some you thus and in full control of your situation without never not to be taken with deprived nor to have made an error and to reproach it a blame your chain of workers. That will bring certainly a greater benefit to you and larger estimates recognition towards your capacity to follow your occupation. It is able very important to be all to decide and nothing to leave randomly.

To carry a mask of handyman and rubber glovees to work with industrial harvests

If you will work for a company which engages to make agricultural harvests of industrial type, bring a mask and rubber glovees. In general the immense market-gardening farms are not different things only true agricultural industries which have an enormous sales turnover and which knows very well how to make use of it. All that is cultivated, all that is collected is not for the responsible people, they make incomes of currencies with the delivery and the sale of harvests for the markets whatever they are. Since all the human proportions are not respected, the fields are cultivated in entirety on surfaces which can go until a number of square kilometres by farms. When your services are claimed, you are not regarded as a serious candidature. You will be regarded as a number of passage and one will not retain memories of your accomplished work. You will be forgotten the following day and one will treat you like a slave in the worst case or as a day laborer at least the majority of time during the eight hours that you will make. Prepare you to supplement your civil liabilities for all quality, bring your drugs, bring a case of first aid, bring clothing to cover you the face and the head, bring protective clothing such rubber boots and opera hats, knuckles out of synthetic foam, different standard from protective clothing. It is very important to make the difference between the factory and the house as regards gardening. For the legal aspect it is similar, it should be known how to declare its profits, it should be known how to denounce offenses which are made to you, it is necessary to know to defend oneself, it should be known how to speak with the others, if not one does not have businesses to present oneself at these places would be this only only once because it is too dangerous and one is likely more to lose to gain.

North-South south-north exchanges and exchanges

There is arable ground in the very Scandinavian countries which do not practice or almost not agriculture. This arable land can be sold to other gardeners in the areas of the south which them practice agriculture but which do not have enough arable land. The best example, it is Russia towards India and China. One can also add Iceland towards Portugal or Scandinavia towards Italy but the direction is there.

A country in the polar circle is favoured to produce compost because the product is preserved longer and it emits less bad smells. It does not practice the gardening but its compost once product can take the way international trade and bring back at the same time profits and new concerning the gardeners. The example is Siberia towards India.

There are heaps of plants which it is necessary to leave in greenhouse before transplanting them so that they are profitable in the cold moderate areas. If work is moist in greenhouses then it made becomes profitable with harvest. That can thus also be done in the south and be resold in north. The best example it is the tomato, the pepper and the cantaloup. The seeds can have left in the south towards north like Italy towards Switzerland, Spain towards Belgium, the south of India towards Russia and China, the United States towards Canada, Brazil towards Argentina and Chile, Australia towards New Zealand and I pass from there.

In the other side the beautiful season is finished. Freezing is for soon but there were natural disasters in the south. The seedlings will freeze in a few weeks. Then best the plants as tomato can still flower. One turns over them in the south after a last disaster and in an exchange which favors us all, the best seedlings will still revive a beautiful maturity after a third relocalization. The plants can leave north and to go to continue in the south right before a freeze to help of the disaster victims like France towards Sicily and Tunisia, Belgium towards Algeria, Canada towards the United States, Russia and Japan towards Taiwan, Nepal towards India and I still pass from there.

Look at the goods because there are emergency situations in general and we would like all to change a catastroph into advantageous situation for all and for the love of the gardening all is possible.

The ribbon for hockey to look after tomato seedlings

The idea that here is quite simple. You have tomato seedlings attached on tutors. The wind rises and breaks all your heads of seedlings whereas flowering is after the fracture on the seedling. Then you do not discourage. After your well work by dedrageonnage, instead of crossing or to let go to the chance so that the sap still passes, you take a disc of adhesive tape for sticks of hockey and you make a small bandage or it is broken only one or two turns in a position or the branch is replaced and the sap will still pass and you still will produce more tomatos with a seedling which contains adhesive tapes instead of the cracks of untreated branches. Anyway these plant will not survive after giving their fruits because of a climatic reason.

Claim Community gardens

There is place to garden almost everywhere on planet. They are your rights as taxpayers to claim places to make Community gardening. All the municipality collaborate readily to make it possible their residents to make gardening who make the request of it. There are places or the unexploited potential is gigantic while other places or the potential is much more restricted but there is place for this activity everywhere. A Community garden of 1,5 meters by 4 meters is already a good beginning but I am personally sure with my experiment and my knowledge that it is often possible to be made lend grounds which would be used as Community gardens which could go to 30 ares or 3000 square meters per anybody very intersested and even more. To excuse my conversions because I am not a specialist. And at this time there, these people implied of course would maintain their Community gardens approximately like a trade or the place is rented in exchange of a price of rent according to the surface used but always in the framework of Community gardens or the subdivisions would be same kind of direction and the gardeners would find themselves neither more nor less groups some more or less on same the ground and at the same places by using even average mechanics of agriculture in the field of the machinery still a little larger. Certain that it is possible and inform near your municipalities and near your government and you will have surely a positive response in this direction there.

Perforate your organic waste or cooperate with your municipalities

In domestic waste, there are always bad smells. It is precisely this matter which does not smell good which is used for to make the composts used in agriculture to enrich the grounds by the gardens. There are means of recycling oneself its domestic waste. One installs a box of compost in a corner of the garden and one places all waste which does not feel good insides and one mixes the product during a few months and then one mixes with a poor ground to obtain a rich ground. Then one spreads the ground obtained in the furrows of the garden and one plows again. Thus one manufactures his own manure and the gardens are more productive. That is done starting from selected waste. In any event it is not necessary that there is this kind of waste in the dustbin bag so that the remainder of the refuse known as of not-edible dry materials is more easily cleanable for recycling. There are municipalities which already started to collect organic waste separately. Then it is necessary to cooperate by using the public system suggested. That depends on the areas of the world, it exists currently several effective systems. And these systems are often very profitable. But initially all know that the beginning is very tiny and it is the sum of all which manufactures volume. To start in your hearths, ensure you to place your organic waste in a very tight container and ideally a pot of glass with a lid which closes hermetically. And place these pots of glass in a corner of the dustbin or another dustbin at side. Use as many pots of glass than you need until time than you join the box of compost located outside the house or than you place in the oil collecting tray of the local system politically suggested. When you will carry organic waste, preserve the pots of glasses which close hermetically. Then after having made the deposit return to the house wash the pots of glass well as it is necessary and start again again. This procedure will help you to retain the bad smells of your residence and will contribute to the recycling of all the systems at the same time. You contribute to the development of your area and you collaborate in the agriculture of the future at the same time.

The manufacture and the use of the quicklime highly radioactive creates in laboratory can become more considerable in the culture of potatoes when widespread to right amount at the good time on the fields in cultures

It would be possible to create white powder quicklime and to make it highly radioactive in laboratory only by storing it to places or all that enters there becomes highly contaminated by the radioactivity. Then this quicklime powder highly radioactive, once brought to the fields of potato cultures can thwart the nature and all the predatory ones of potato while spreading either by plane, or with a tractor provided with a powerful pulverizer, a certain rather tiny quantity of this quicklime powder highly radioactive per acres on the plantations. The result could become enough surprising with regard to the productivity of these fields during the harvest which could be considerably increased and the production could be of a much better quality, the producer in addition to easily paying the expenses of pulverization to the quicklime powder highly radioactive, it could moreover go to seek at the same time a better price for the larger volume and weight of production. If this theory is confirmed, this will give one more additional good value and worth to the nuclear electricity power and energy plan all over the world and that will revalorize the sites highly contaminated because of the radioactivity by there installing temporary laboratories only for the creation of the quicklime powder highly radioactive especially creates to increase the output and the quality of the production of potato in full field. This is an improvement of my invention which remains to be checked by reliable statistics.