Hello Dear Friends,
Our Company is a Internationnal Company Located in Porto in Portugal : GALAXY EXTREME SITE is in it's designation exerts in the field of the Internet, E-trade-communication-work at home, and know right now a rather remarkable expansion.
We seek people at part-time or full-time to join our international distribution team (international teamwork). G.E.S. acts as Direct Sale and work is generally carried out in line (Internet). It is thus an Asset If one of you are accustomed with Internet Marketing team, I.e. diffusion of publicity on the Net and/or in yourself network of knowledge. If you do not have any concept of it, it's not important! all the instructions and formations are envisaged by the company. It devoted accordingly, a Web site dedicated to the formation of these new members and especially of the conferences on line in true time(with VOICE COFFEE).
Our products are large renomees and recherchees and thus enough recommandés.Ce is products of:

- Communication and of Business (tools Voice Coffee; multilingual system emailing)

- Bank (offshore oil rig bank account, Bank card of flow internationnale...),
- Language teaching (course Rosetta Stone with 26 languages)
- personal Shopping (Your own Shop in line into Multilingual with the best produced and services)
And Other products which will come Bientôt To supplement this range described above. Here one seen below of these nouneau partnership:
- GALAXY has just signed a Partnership with WorldCashPlus (for bank account the USA and Bank cards Maestro Cirrus!! A Walk with very strong potential). Within the framework of this same partnership, one will be able to also distribute with Companies to the USA as well as other services
The officers of the company will come them same you explain the characteristics of their products and services on our waiter (Conference on line) during its launching.
- Our Company with taken a partnership with a CASINO ONLINE , COMPANY with A credit more than 4 Million Players in 189 Countries and which with carried out CA last year of more than 500 MILLION DE DOLLARS!!.Ainsi you could also promotionner your own Casino in line ( CASINO GALAXYIBIZ!!) . Did you know that the Largest Sales turnover of the Net is carried out by the Online Plays??
The system is entirely automated, in line and 8 languages (soon 9 with the Bulgarian one and a little later Japonnais).
Our products of great fame quickly make booster rocket its system 2xInfini (BINAIRE).Ce system which enables you to have an income residuel which very quickly becomes significant, enabling you to reach financial freedom effectively.
PROFILES RESEARCH: People rigorous, dynamic, motivated, organized, with a minimun of enthusiasm and ambition .
PROFITS: function of these factors of éffort minimum precities and the investment personnel. Profits quickly being able to become consequent.

Naturally it does not matter its value, nothing is never cheap. If you always seek a way easy to make money, then forget GALAXY, it will not function. You could spend the months and the years to seek it hard. And true opportunity arises some times, only once in the life by considering the 3 clées of the success which are " VISION - GOOD Moment MASSIVE ACTION" .

It is a company in authentic residence. Will know that we DO NOT SELL a DREAM... BUT REALITY nor are none the multitudes doubtful offers "of company" which pass by your box of electronic mail and which promise the sky without efforts to you. We offer a position implying of the responsibilities to you. It is TRAVAILc' is an Opportunity that we offer to you, it is not the Lotto, there is a work to make and if you agree to do it, you will succeed! So not there is little Chance that you make a success of anything. ONE THUS NEEDS A SIGNIFICANT ENGAGEMENT OF YOUR TIME AND YOUR EFFORTS, AND THE DESIRE TO SUCCEED. If you are ready to invest you, you will carry out soon your dreams.

Once that you start, (it takes about 3 months to start to make large benefit), your business will generate an income easily interesting each month, and that only with one part-time engagement (approximately 10 hours per week). A full-time engagement (approximately 30 hours per week), will pay to you surely more


Hardly a few Months that Galaxy launched these Commercial deals and it is already a Total Success!!
However, the world is full negative thinkers, skeptics and the other cynical ones in extreme cases. These people will always say to you that such activities never function. The reason for which they function it is exactly because of the negative thinkers. If each one were a positive thinker, there would be nothing any more to sell to anybody! If everyone could apply in practice this famous one says:

"EC ARE THE DECISIONS AND NOT THE CIRCUMSTANCES WHICH DETERMINE YOUR LIFE! " Each one would succeed and no opportunity would exist.

Us wish thus to work that with people responsible, which believes in travail. Which adherent(incrits) with the program because they retouvent some an interest and which is prets has the travailler.Galaxy is a Co professional and serieuse, it wait to do of it as many all those which will adhererons has its Vision. We privilegions Work and the honnete, it is the base of any secrecy of the succes. We believed there and Ca goes thus.

In conclusion,

If this opportunity of business described right here interests you and that you wish more specific information on our Company , please supplement the form present at the end of the small Movie that I posted to you (View this small Movie who will give you a small seen of the opportunity) If during the day you do not receive the movie (technical Problems), Click then on the button [ Answer to the sender ] with this present e-mail, then write "More infos GALAXY" on the line of the subject and register your complete name and your electronic address in body of the message. I will then forward to you the complete details of the operation of this company .


Michel Joseph Arthias Jean