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Founded in january 1993, Von der Welt Distributions inc. is a canadian retailer specialized in services of voice transmission, datum, long distance call and in computing products and service. There is a headquarters at Saint-Laurent Town in the west of Montreal island, and owner of their office, the company already serve an hundreds of commercial and residential customers.


Our first mission is to establish a profitable partnership with our customers and our suppliers, to propose some solutions both in the same time high range and economically competitive. At Von der Welt we believe this goal, allied to the constant innovations as regards network and the exceptional quality of our customers service make's Von der Welt the first choice to consider in matter of service of telecommunications and computing.

Factor contributing to it's success, Von der Welt inc known to develop some innovator approach answering adequately to the specific needs of the corporations, the university and the superior college of education. Personalized billing, billing for students, access to a specialized customers service, put in market close to former students, etc.
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Von der Welt Distributions inc.

11015 Blvd. Cavendish #608

Saint-Laurent Town, Quebec

Canada, H4R 2H5

Phone number: 514-956-5442

Fax number: 514-863-5600