Von der Welt Distributions inc.

A firm with prospects

Von der Welt distributions inc. is a diversified and incorporated firm with a federal canadian charter, a private corporation working in the telecommunications and the computing. In nearly 5 years, Von der Welt inc. has known a remarkable booming, retailer and operator of vending machine at it's begins, it is progressively transformed in a firm of integrated communications (telephone and internet service) and computing of which the turnover exceed 850,000$ CAN and aim to do for the year 2000 a turnover of at least 2,000,000$ CAN. About 1,000,000 minutes of telephone system (long distance call, pager, Calling center, digital cordless telephone system, Internet connexion, computers) will be billed.

Von der Welt remain however a SMF, job creator (over than 4 employee are hired full time), and it is one of the rare firm of resale in telecommunications knowing how to stay profitable in a difficult and competitive market. In 1997, Von der Welt was financially noticed with robust partners such as ACC Canada, The Extra card, The GlenTel long distance calls, Titan computing, .. and sound reference of customers like by example the employee of Trevi swimming pool of Laval, Soumack carpet, JF Lazartigue Canada, La Froumagerie (cheeze processing company), l'Ecole St-Joseph School, etc ..

The most force of Von der Welt Distributions inc. is to know in the high technology domain get closer to their customers on a easy way, honest, clear with a concept of home service in the case of the computers and of the technical support of the computers. Our technician are always dedicated to serve you 7 days a week to solve your problem; if that is from a technical or a billing order question. We have build our firm over the simplicity and with the philosophy that our customers must get the best point of view from quality, price and service. Too much company are concerned about to give a point of view quality and price without being concerned about the appropriate service.

In my quality of founder president, from this young firm, kindly accept my sincerely, and I wish you to all our present customers and the members-to-be from our family some health and some prosperity for the years 2000.

Von der Welt Distributions inc.

11015 Blvd. Cavendish #608

Saint-Laurent Town, Quebec

Canada, H4R 2H5

Phone number: 514-956-5442

Fax number: 514-863-5600