Labour of Von Der Welt Distributions Inc.

There is a lot of translation errors in this text which is official but it occur to be much more interpreted.
We are also an agency of personnel which makes the bridge between the employee and the employer in all the sectors.

Von Der Welt Distributions Inc (Labour, Work Forces) is a resource to come you to assistance in the circumstances or the employee wishes to declare his incomes of employment or the employer wishes to declare his expenses of recruiting of personnel.


. Preparation of the handing-over, Taxes, Incomes, Insurance-Employment,

. Mode of revenues;

. Commission of the health and the occupational safety of Quebec,

. Melt of the other and health services;

. Preparation of statements 1 and T-4;

. Preparation of the statements of employment.

* According to the conditions of the law on the standards of work.

Examples of employment interventions from VDW in work force matters

Labour Von Der Welt Distributions Inc is occupied of the administrative management of its personnel in place on your premise. In order to allow you to devote more time to the principal activities of your firm, we ensure with competence the management of the wages, the governmental handing-over, the welfare benefits and any other administrative aspect relating to the pay, in all conformity with the laws and payments (CSST).

Service of reference the personnel of the agency receives your job offers which you fill on our site in a confidential way. The requests are conveyed at the agency and are integrated into our data base. Following a telephone conversation, we refer the candidates corresponding to you exactly to the criteria which you established.

Service of temporary assistance Labour Von Der Welt Distributions Inc engages its own employees and assigns to customers in order to support or to supplement the staff in situations like the absence of an employee, a shortage of labour, the volume of seasonal work and the projects special.

Permanent placement Labour Von Der Welt Distributions Inc provides employees for a long-term work or an indefinite assignment. The employees are recruited, selected and affected same manner as the temporary employees. The permanent placement can comprise people or a considerable portion of the necessary personnel to exploit the firm of a customer on a regular basis.


The expenses are calculated starting from the time rate that the employer gives the employee. The employer must pay to the time rate plus the specific expenses employers, plus a dollar the hour of expenses of agency plus the taxes of sales of Quebec and Canada. The employer receive a receipt paid at this price with its choice at each days, each weeks, each month or the end of each contracts. The employee receive his clear pay with the exact amount gross representing its pay less the deductions and it receive a counterfoil explaining the deductions which it paid at each weeks. When its contract is finished, it receives its statement of employment and it receives a statement 1 and one T-4 statement the following year before the end of February.

Labour Von Der Welt Distributions Inc gives the clear pay to the employees, pays the deductions at the source in Quebec and in Canada, makes the statements of employers in Quebec and in Canada, pays the taxes of sales in Quebec and in Canada, makes the statements of corporations in Quebec and Canada.

Service is in french with the two government (Quebec and Canada) but it can be in english with the employer (President of the company, official reprensentative also foreman or boss) and the employee (worker, daily worker, work force also labor representative).

The official documents are always valid with the number of TPS and the number of TVQ.

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