Announcement intended for all our users

We wish to announce to all our user that we have changed the principal link on our server to obtain a better efficacity and a better fiability from our server of electronic mail service. Effectively since one year we got 8 breakdown on our server of electronic mail service because of the official line provider who is let to desire. We foresee that the new change should bring to us a big fiability after the fashion of our connecting access service who got only one breakdown of 15 minutes during the three past years and who the occupation rate is practically nothing. We will try to obtain the same excellent success on the electronic mail service server because we are aware of the electronic mail service generate some big worry to our customers. In the following notes, we will explain the new change to bring to your software of electonic mail service.

(EXAMPLE: Your E-Mail is username@ezworld.com )

You will change:

the user name by username%ezworld.com

the smtp and the pop3 ezworld.com by kenobi.iweb-hosting.com

Outlook Express

The stage to follow:
go in the tools menu
and account
and click on your E-Mail
and on the server
and finally replace the pop, the smtp, finally the username (see over)

Notice your E-Mail and your password remain the same.