Buying a laptop computer is an important décision according to the high price of this typical computer. Therefore it has to be well thoughtful.
Which are the advantage of a laptop computer over a desktop computer ?
Which are the application who will be used by your laptop computer as for estimate the quantity of live memory SDRAM who will be necessary ?
Which are the application who will be used by your laptop computer as for estimate the hard disk capacity who will be necessary ?
Do you want an active type screen (TFT) or a passive type screen (DSTN) ?
How many battery do you want in your laptop computer ?
Do you want to have an electrical current adaptor for using your laptop computer in your car over the vehicle battery ?
Do you know every accessories that you can add to your laptop computer ?
Do you wish to be equipped of all available accessories for your laptop computer ?

Contrary to the desktop computers, the laptop computers are almost always guaranteed by the factory manufacturer and not by the retailer because of the complexity in its elaboration and its construction. Only the qualified technician from the head office company are able to repair and replace the defective piece. By the same way, it is of first concern to make inquiries over the accessibility of the head office of those great firm.
Do there is an office in the town where I buy the material ?
How to carry out the guarantee process ?
Does the company charge some delivery costs at the time of either a package and a return from a laptop computer of its office ?
Which are the average time allowed for the repair of a defective laptop computer ?

In a word a laptop computer is very fragile in its whole, so it is important to well entertain it, to move it in an appropriate suitcase, to have a good guarantee, to inform us over the prolonged guarantee who are offered by the builder because of the astronomical cost of the repair of its small jewel.

We have some second hand laptop Toshiba no guarantee 400.00$ Canadian plus tax.

We have some second hand laptop IBM Thinkpad no guarantee 700.00$ Canadian plus tax.



Model 1246 Presario
AMD K6-2 400 MHz
Live memory 32 MB SDRAM
Hard disk 4.3 GB
Screen 12.1" HPA
Modem 56k
Price wanted : $2000,00 CAN + Tax


Model 1420 ThinkPad i series
Intel Celeron processor 433MHz
4.8GB hard drive
13.0" HPA display
56Kbps modem
Windows 98
1 year limited warranty
Price wanted : $2200.00 CAN + Tax

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