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Noni juice considered the greatest health discovery since DNA

This info is from the Daily News, July 6th 2001.  John Hopkins Medical School, U.S. Govt. Natl. Institute of Health, U. of Calif. Medical School, Boston U Medical School and 4 Nobel Prize-Winning Doctors!

The group monitored that intake Noni Juice daily have been found to have the following characteristics:

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They are a select group of French men and women, who have been carefully monitored by medical science for the past number of years.  They come from all walks of life...reside in central Polynesia...perform the same daily activities as the average American family - and are no different than you and I...except for one very significant, major difference.

They have all been directed to eat a very special kind of food at least once a day...a food virtually unknown in any other part of the world...a food that medical doctors in this country firmly believe is:

The world's richest source of cellular rejuvenating enzymes- that fortify the immune system, regenerate your body's cells and actually reverse the aging process!

The name of this anti-aging, life-extending food is NONI, (from the French phrase, "non-annee" - never age), because for the first time in medical history scientist report a completely natural food source that can:  The best source is when the noni has the seed extract inside.  Only Christian Brothers Health Corp has the noni seed extract included.  Please call 305-493-4627 to order noni juice today.  Noni is normally $42 per bottle, however Christian Brothers Health Corp price is $34 for one bottle or $122 for four bottles.  Wholesale customers must call for wholesale prices.

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  You will find that our price is the most affordable and that our noni is the thickest (not watered down as others are)  Our Noni comes from Dominica.  Dominica soil is richest in soil minerals among the other Caribbean islands due to the volcanic virgin soil the Noni fruit comes from.      We challenge you to find another place that has anywhere near as strong and potent a juice as ours or as inexpensive.  Noni Juice is normally between $40 and $60 per bottle, has less then 90% Noni inside and does not include the special extract from the seed as does ours.  Our Noni juice is over 95% Noni, includes the extract from the seed and is less expensive then any other Noni on the web because network marketing is not involved. Don't lose this e-mail!  Pass it onto a friend who my need some health hints.   Stacking is the best way to recover from disease.  Stacking involves putting a few different holistic therapies together to beat a specific ailment.  Please visit our websites for more info.

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